RegisGate is a cooperation of four institutions
Battelle, ECT, FoBiG and Hydrotox



to support authorization of your biocidal products in Europe according to the Biocidal Product Regulation.

RegisGate provides an “all-inclusive” service comprising

  • development of a suitable authorization strategy together with the sponsor
  • data collection and data gap analysis for co-formulants
  • development and execution of a cost-efficient testing scheme including a strategy for
    read-across, data waiving, and limitation of additional testing '
  • fine-tuning of the approach with competent authorities and ECHA
  • classification and labelling according to the CLP Regulation
  • performance of risk assessment
  • compilation and submission of complete product dossiers




Dr. Matthias Weidenauer

Battelle Agribusiness
Geneva, Switzerland


Phone: +41 22 827 2820

E-mail: weidenauer[at]


Dr. Anja Coors

ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH
Flörsheim/Main, Germany


Phone: +49 (0)6145 9564 20

E-mail: a.coors[at]


Dr. Klaus Schneider

Forschungs- und Beratungsinstitut Gefahrstoffe GmbH (FoBiG) Freiburg, Germany


Phone +49-(0)761-3860812

E-Mail: klaus.schneider[at]


Dr. Stefan Gartiser

Hydrotox GmbH
Freiburg, Germany


Phone.: +49 (0)761 4 55 12-0

E-Mail: gartiser[at]



All four partners have a very profound expertise in regulatory affairs, human and environmental risk assessment since more than 20 years. The contribution of each partner in Regisgate corresponds to their specific background while the cooperation enables optimal use of their complementary knowledge in a synergistic way.
The cooperation is well established, with the result that RegisGate has successfully completed several biocidal product dossiers.